10 unmistakable signs you are being cheated on

December 16, 2015 Naster Rawal 0 Comments

10. Their Normal Schedule Changes

If your partner had a daily routine, but now that routine is always changing, chances are, you have a reason to raise your eyebrow about the matter.

If any of the signs you are being cheated on above sound familiar or you have recently caught them red-handed with their pants down around their ankles, the only logical thing to do is to have a frank talk with them before the matter becomes too serious and hurt you more.

9. They Begin To Dress Nicer

If your partner used to wear T-shirt and jeans all the time but not they sudden dress nicer constantly. Then, they might be dressing up for someone else.

8. Their Tone Of Voice Changes On Their Phones

It is found that people tend to alter their tone of voice when speaking to someone with whom they are romantically getting involved on the phone. Women tend to speak with lower pitch to the male partner while men to speak in a higher tone of voice. Hence, if your partner begins altering their tone of voice while talking with someone over the phone, you should pay attention to it.

7. They Initiate Fights

If your partner has been initiating fights more than usual, or they seem to dig into even the smallest things, and be happily available for each argument, chances are, you are being cheated on. This occurs when someone feels guilty of what they did, they tend to protect themselves at even the slightest sign of getting caught, so they trigger even the smallest things.

6. They Obsessively Guard Their Phone And Email

In regard to signs you are being cheated on, this might be the most obvious. People in long term relationships deserve their own privacy, and no matter how two of you are close together, you do not have the right to see your partner’s phone and email. However, if your partner begins to spend lots of effort to keep their phone away from you, take it to the bathroom or freak out it if you try to use it to do something, refuse to answer it whilst you are in the room, that might be a sign there is something wrong.

5. They Become Distant

Previously, you two used to talk as well as do stuff together but now they just do not want to do anything with you. Despite it is not a clear sign of cheating but it is a signal that you are in an unhealthy relationship in general.

4. They Avoid Eye Contact

Eye contact is very important in communication. However, those people who feel guilt or are cheating or lying to you tend to have a difficult time making eye contact. This may be the most obvious when it comes to signs you are being cheated on. A liar will never make an appropriate eye contact with you, it is because they feel ashamed of their own actions and do not want their eyes to reveal the truth.

3. They Behave Too Nice To You

Does your partner suddenly become too nice to you? If so, you had better have a heart-to-heart conversation with them in order to find out the problem behind that. Well, I am not saying people could not be too nice to others when they are really in love, there is a difference between being really nice and being fake, liars are bad at this, so it is very easily to spot a liar when they are faking their behaviors.

2. They Have More Mood Swings

If a person is bound to mood swings and anxiety when trying to hide something from people around, particularly someone they love, there is something wrong. If you begin noticing your special one having much more mood swings than normal, you should talk with them to make sure nothing is bothering them.

1.They Continue Asking For Breakups In All Fights

If your significant other suddenly begins asking for a breakup after each argument no matter it is little or not, it is among signs you are being cheated on. It shows the fact that they want the easy way to get out and do not want to be caught. If someone makes a certain mistake, it often takes a lot of strength as well as courage to own up to it. The majority of people would rather run away than really admit anything.

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